Preprodajalec vstopnic. Cena vstopnice je lahko višja od nominalne vrednosti.

Zásady ochrany osobných údajov

Zásady ochrany osobných údajov

The privacy policy below complies with the Personal Data Protection Act and the European guidelines for the protection of personal data.

Acquisition of Personal Data

Onlineticketshop uses the IP address and the browser data from your computer to solve possible between our server and the website. This means that the session of the user of the website is being tracked, however the user will remain anonymous at all times. The IP Address will solely be used to identify and manage you and your shopping cart, but will not be stored with your personal data.

Personal Data and Data Processing

In order to book a your tickets, Onlineticketshop requires some personal data. The data needed are:

  • Family name;
  • Insertion;
  • First name;
  • Address;
  • Postal code;
  • Place of residence;
  • Country;
  • Email address;
  • Telephone number;
  • Mobile telephone number

Onlineticketshop stores these data in order to process your booking as fast as possible and deliver the tickets to you. We ask your email address for the confirmation of your booking and your phone number to keep you informed about possible changes in your booking. Your email address will not be used for marketing purposes or given to third parties. If you have indicated this while booking, your address will be used to keep you informed via the Onlineticketshop digital newsletter.

Payment Data

When you pay for the booking through a bank transfer, credit-card or iDeal only the method of payment will be stored. Your bank data and payment data will not be stored. Your payment data will only be shared with to Triple Deal; the company facilitating payments through creditcard, iDeal and bank transfers.


The webpages concerned with the payment are secured with SSL. This means your data are sent fully protected and encrypted through the internet. This makes it impossible for third parties to obtain the data. The data is not stored. Onlineticketshop can not be held responsible for any faults with regards to security.


Onlineticketshop uses cookies to manage your shopping cart and in order to adjust our website to your specific interests for the next visit to the Onlineticketshop website. On your request, these cookies can store your password so that are not obliged to type it every time you wish to log in.

Distribution of Data

Your personal data is solely stored for the processing of your booking and never gives to third parties.


Onlineticketshop makes use of several suppliers for acquiring tickets. These suppliers have access to your data in order to process your booking. However, these suppliers are bound by strict rules when is comes to your personal data.

Links on Onlineticketshop

Onlineticketshop may put links on the website that link through to websites of third parties on which Onlineticketshop has no influence. Onlineticketshop can not be held responsible for the content of offers made by these websites nor for the privacy policy of those websites.


If you wish to inform an acquaintance about tickets, the name of that person can be indicated on the appropriate page on the website. Onlineticketshop will then send that person a one-time invitation to visit the website. Solely for this purpose Onlineticketshop stores the address of the aforementioned person. Removal of the data can be requested in writing.


If you no longer wish to receive the Onlineticketshop digital newsletter, this can be requested in writing by sending an email to It is not possible to remove data if they are required in the process of booking.

How to contact us

Onlineticketshop BV
Bornholmstraat 82
9723 AZ Groningen
The Netherlands

This privacy policy was last updated on 28-06-2023.